Tailor-made Travel Focused on Art

An opportunity to indulge your arty side, whether as experienced artist, aspiring learner or simply an art and culture lover! Each exclusive tour is limited to 1-3 travelers and designed specially to suit your budget and interests. Possibilities include:

  • visit the studios of renowned Mongolian artists  
  • see architecture from Mongolia’s ancient history juxtaposed with its modern vibrancy
  • explore galleries and museums for a deeper understanding of Mongolian art past and present
  • learn basic skills of composition, sketching, color mixing, and/or oil painting through patient and individualised instruction from an experienced local artist
  • bring back a personal and inimitable souvenir of your experience: paint, draw or sketch en plein air, in unforgettable locations of incredible beauty and untouched nature, such as

* Bayanzag (the Flaming Cliffs of Southern Gobi)
* Huvsgul Lake (a lovely alpine lake fringed by deep forests)
* Khongorin Els (day: spectacular sand dunes; night: sky ablaze with constellations)
* Naiman Nuur (the ethereal beauty of Eight Lakes best seen from horseback)

  • combine a horse trek, mounted archery, or fishing with painting holiday/instruction for an unforgettable experience!

This relaxed and creative tour offers a flexible range of choices so every traveler’s needs are met. All materials and equipment needed for acquiring basic skills and oil painting can be provided, just turn up ready to try! Accompanying non-artists are absolutely welcome.

Most basic tours start at USD120 per person per day and includes driver, petrol, English-speaking guide-translator, 3 simple meals a day, admission to museums/national parks and guesthouse accommodation (excludes personal expenses like shopping, alcohol, insurance, and flights).

For more information, a proposed itinerary and quotation, please contact Byamba using the Store COMMISSIONS FORM (enter NA for categories that don’t apply); don’t forget to state when and how long you plan to travel, your budget as well as any specific interests and dietary restrictions.