Born on the steppes of eastern Mongolia, Byambajargal (or Byamba, as his friends call him) has a deep love for Mongolia’s spectacular natural landscapes, glorious open spaces and the swift grace of horses. Despite a difficult childhood herding livestock and growing up in an orphanage, his artistic ability was quickly noted by teachers; his school years were studded with numerous exhibitions and prizes, including a national-level Mayoral Award and a trip to Japan.

He graduated from the country’s most prestigious art university, Mongolian National University of Culture and the Arts, in 2020 and his paintings are in private collections in Mongolia, America, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore, including the Mongolian Embassy in Singapore. 

With Mongolia’s first (and only) mobile home art studio, Byamba looks forward to traveling and sharing Mongolia’s breathtaking beauty with fellow art appreciators on painting journeys to remote horizons.

Byamba’s beautiful painting is what you see when you walk in our front door. We treasure it so much!

Carlie Dodd (USA)

Having his paintings on the walls is a blessing for the patients and staff of the hospice. They aren’t just decoration; they cheer us up and have sparked peaceful reminiscing. The atmosphere has become more positive and we can sense the love and attention that fills each painting.

Dr Burenjargal (Mongolia)

Thank you so much for the amazing painting you did for me! I will hang it in my living room. I’m so thankful that we met many years ago, your art skills are truly remarkable.

Karen Chan (Australia)